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FREE Lotto-themed Website's - Get yours TODAY!

Postby mikeo  » Thu 21 Apr 11, 18:18

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Official You Play We Play Blog's ahead of schedule! Your FREE lotto-themed website's are laden with promotional tools and tutorials on how to set it up and use it to drive traffic to your lottery business opportunity. Requiring no programming skills, domain names, hosting or updating - all you need do is blog away TODAY and leave the rest up to us!

Your FREE website's not only contain automatically posted content such as World Lottery News & Official YPWP Company News but also LIVE UK National Lotto, Thunderball & EuroMillions Results - feature rich content helping drive referrals to your lottery business opportunity on AUTO-PILOT!

What is a blog?
Blog or Weblog or Web log: A web site where the author, or "blogger," periodically posts news, personal thoughts, links, or - in some cases - picture/audio/video files to which visitors to the site usually can comment/respond.

You'll probably have heard people online mention BLOGS these days. These are online diaries or personal thoughts, often very informal showing an insight into your life or interests! Gone are the days when information is locked away in today's environment, its cool to have your diary ONLINE and share it with as many friends as possible. It's much easier than you think, but more importantly, it's a GREAT resource to get others to join your opportunity.

Record your YPWP progress, thoughts, successes, questions, news, growth etc. You don’t have to post every day and of course, people may leave you messages back or list you as a new friend within the LOTTOconnect Social Network!

You can start a FREE blog today by going to:

Creating a blog establishes you an Official Online YPWP Identity safely as YOU control what gets posted. It can be fun, rewarding, profitable, a way to make new friends and contacts, and most of all... a FREE way to drive YPWP signup's!
Kind regards,
Mike Oxford - YPWP Managing Director & Moderator (mikeo)
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