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MLMCore Team

Postby mikeo  » Mon 24 Jan 11, 13:36

A particular mention must go to our leading affiliate team at MLMCore Forums found at, headed currently by our leading affiliate Paul Veverka who with the help of his exploding team in our initial 48 hours have recruited no less than 108 members. We must convey our personal congratulations direct from the board room to him and his team. A financial reward has left the building and is en-route to MLMCore founder Paul to help him and his team evolve. The team at MLMCore fully understand the power of our business model and we suggest you visit our dedicated section located at ... %28YPWP%29 for some inspirational support.
Kind regards,
Mike Oxford - YPWP Managing Director & Moderator (mikeo)
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Re: MLMCore Team

Postby paulvev  » Mon 24 Jan 11, 15:04

Thank you so much. I used the reward to upgrade all the members of my forum who were free members and had joined YPWP. I upgraded them to premium allowing them full access of my site. Aside from the money i used to buy a bottle of champers, all monies were used to benefit the team of people who joined YPWP with us. You know who you all are! :P
Paul Veverka - YPWP Moderator & Affiliate (paulvev)
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Re: MLMCore Team

Postby truffles  » Wed 09 Feb 11, 08:25

I didn't know you did this Paul, that is an excellent gesture! :shock:

I'd like to add my own Well Done to those in my own Downline also, a couple who are already encouraging new Members onto their own Frontlines, this is an exciting time to be in the Opportunity and it can only get better after launch and everything is in place and, importantly, people start to Win on the various lotteries and you can showcase the winnings here somewhere, maybe even have some kind of colourful bottle that fills up on the Home Page showing the total amount of money won between the members... Join the Most Viral Residual Income Op Ever. 1 or 2 Referrals can grow this by 1000's!
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