What Does the Bonus Ball Mean in Lotto and the Health Lotto?

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What Does the Bonus Ball Mean in Lotto and the Health Lotto?

Postby lottery.co.uk » Tue 09 Jan 18, 11:40

When the Lotto and Health Lottery results are drawn, you will notice that, in addition to the main numbers, there is another ball in the winning line. This is the Bonus Ball, but what does it do and how can it help you win prizes? The Bonus Ball is the seventh number selected in the Lotto draw and the sixth ball dispensed in the Health Lottery. If you match it along with five main Lotto numbers, it boosts your payout considerably; the estimated Match 5 prize is £1,000, whilst the expected return for matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball is £50,000. In the Health Lottery, the Bonus Ball provides three prize tiers. You win £10 for matching two main numbers and the Bonus (there is no prize for matching two main balls alone), the Match 3 award is £20, but the Match 3+1 payout is £50, and matching four main numbers wins you £250, but matching four and the Bonus Ball brings in £10,000. You do not choose a Bonus Ball, as it is drawn from the same pool as the main numbers in both games and is used to enhance matches already made. Whereas EuroMillions has main numbers and Lucky Stars drawn from two different pots, all of which must be matched to win the jackpot, you win the Lotto and Health Lottery jackpots by matching the full line of main numbers before the Bonus Ball appears. This is why you only pick six Lotto numbers and five Health Lottery numbers when, in fact, there are seven and six balls respectively drawn on the night. It is also the reason you do not have a Bonus Ball marked on your ticket when you play.

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