Exciting Changes To The Health Lottery

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Exciting Changes To The Health Lottery

Postby mikeo  » Tue 07 Aug 18, 14:44

Don't miss out – more chances to win!
The Health Lottery launched its exciting changes on 31st July 2018 by introducing additional prize tiers to the game to give players more chances to win one of the fantastic prizes. Tickets went on sale from 29th July 2018, 00:01am at youplayweplay.

A new £250,000 Mega Raffle!
Tickets containing entries into any draw from 31st July 2018 are automatically entered into a monthly Mega Raffle draw to win a fantastic cash prize of £250,000. The raffle will be drawn on the 1st of every month. The first draw will take place on 1st September; The next draw will take place on 1st October with all tickets purchased in September being entered and so on for the upcoming months. Your unique raffle number will be shown along with the raffle you will be entered into. The raffle code shown will be entered into the relevant Mega Raffle pot and the number of entries will be placed; for example if you have a ticket with entries for two draws in August and one in September you will get two entries into the September raffle and one into October using the same code.

Exciting odds!
The odds of winning a prize have increased from 1 in 108 to 1 in 9.7, which is better than the odds of winning on the current game.

Extra prize tier introduced!
A free Quick Pick entry will be awarded when either match 1 plus the bonus or 2 balls to win a free ticket. Giving you a free entry into the next draw and an extra chance to win again; in addition to this the free ticket also generates an entry into the next Mega Raffle draw for an extra chance to win £250,000.

How do I claim my free ticket?
Your FREE tickets (from matching 2 ball wins) will be available shortly following receipt and entered for the next consecutive draw. Provided you enter on the draw date you will receive their benefit and will appear in your syndicate. We receive these tickets and enter them on your behalf manually; Therefore there can sometimes be a undefined delay as it requires human intervention there is no way of automating these. If you are a play-as-you-go member and enter tickets adhoc, you are required to purchase a ticket in the next consecutive draw to receive the benefit of the additional FREE entries entered on your behalf; Subscribers to our service receive them automatically. There is no cash alternative.

I want to keep playing my same numbers. Is that ok?
Yes, you can still play your chosen numbers. As with the current game, you will be able to pick any 5 from the available numbers on the Health Lottery game board. There will just be more to play for!

It's still £2 to play!
The way you play and the price you pay stays the same. You play in exactly the same way as you've always done, match 5 numbers and you'll win the jackpot.

One ticket, many lines!
If you buy multiple lines on one ticket, say five lines, you will get one raffle code that will be entered into the relevant Mega Raffle pot five times, meaning you have five chances to win with one code. It also means you only have to check one code.

Many tickets, one line!
If you buy five single tickets for the same draw you will get five individual raffle codes. The codes will be entered into the relevant Mega Raffle pot just once each. You will have to check all five codes against the winning code.

One line, many weeks!
If you buy one line on a ticket draw which you want to play up to three weeks in advance you will get one raffle code which will be entered into the relevant Mega Raffle pot raffle multiple times. You will then check the same raffle code to see if you have won – it makes it easier for you.

One ticket, many lines, many weeks!
If you buy multiple lines, for multiple weeks, let’s say you put on 5 lines for 4 weeks in advance; you will still only have one raffle code printed on your ticket. That code will be entered into the relevant Mega Raffle pot raffle multiple times. You will then have to check only one raffle code to see if you have won.

Why is it changing?
We listen to our players and their likes and dislikes and are always looking to innovate and bring the best prizes to our players on behalf of the Community Interest Companies as well as continuing to help their society lotteries raise money for health related good causes.

The changes offer more chances to win a prize along with a chance to win a guaranteed £250,000. They are being introduced as part of the continuous development across all of our games, offering you fresh, exciting prizes on the games you know and love.

It's another great reason to get excited!
Kind regards,
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