Exciting Changes To EuroMillions

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Exciting Changes To EuroMillions

Postby mikeo  » Mon 12 Sep 16, 18:00

Get ready for exciting changes to EuroMillions!
Changes to EuroMillions will come into effect on 24th September 2016 in an effort to generate bigger jackpots, produce more prize winners and create even more fun for players of Europe’s big-money lottery game. All of the alterations will benefit youplayweplay players, which include the addition of a special monthly draw and the introduction of Mega Week.

Don't miss out – set a reminder!
Don’t forget that you can still play EuroMillions under the existing rules right up to and including the draw on Friday 23rd September 2016. Tickets go on sale Saturday 24th September, 00:01am at youplayweplay so set yourself a reminder.

Exciting jackpots!
Under the existing regulations for the game, just 32 percent of the prize fund is allocated to the EuroMillions jackpot, but the new EuroMillions rules will see 43.2 percent of the prize fund directed to the jackpot. Starting jackpots will increase, rising to a guaranteed €17 million (estimated £14 million) from the current value of €15 million (estimated £12 million).

Rollovers are getting more exciting too!
The jackpot cap will remain in place at €190 million (estimated £157 million), but it will now be allowed to stay at the cap for four draws, not one, before it has to be won or rolled down into the next winning prize tier. This means that jackpots will increase in value at a faster rate, generating even more excitement about the game. It is expected that top prizes of £50 million or more will occur more frequently.

Celebrate New EuroMillions with a not to be missed Superdraw event!
A special Superdraw has been called for Friday 30th September which will offer a jackpot worth an estimated £100 million (guaranteed €130 million). Other Superdraws will still be held and will give players the chance to compete for additional fixed prizes throughout the year.

Extra numbers to choose from!
The ball pool for choosing your Lucky Stars will increase to 12.

I want to keep playing my same numbers. Is that ok?
Yes, you can still play your chosen numbers. As with the current game, you will be able to pick any 2 Lucky Stars from the available numbers on the EuroMillions game board. There will just be more to play for!

Two Millionaire Maker prizes will be offered in every draw!
Instead of just one Millionaire Maker winner in each EuroMillions draw, there will be two prizes of £1 million on offer every Tuesday and Friday evening. This will improve your chances of winning a prize on this special game.

Mega Friday will become Mega Week!
An exciting new development which will see the last Tuesday and Friday EuroMillions draws of every month offer up great prizes of £1 million and fantastic luxury giveaways and spectacular non-cash prizes.

A Monthly Bonus Draw will be introduced!
A prize pool of £1 million in the second EuroMillions draw of each month. Entries will open on Tuesday 1st November and the first draw will be held on Tuesday 6th December. If you play EuroMillions, you will automatically receive one entry for every line you play.

In order to accommodate the above, from September 24th 2016, the cost of an individual EuroMillions ticket at youplayweplay will rise to £3.50.

Due to the various game options offered by youplayweplay, you are therefore advised subscription costs will be increased, relative to the quantity of EuroMillions tickets contained within.
youplayweplay retains great value for your money, continuing to offer the EuroMillions Player "most balls for your money" than any other Lottery Syndicate provider online!

It's another great reason to get excited!
Kind regards,
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