Launch Comments worth noting

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Launch Comments worth noting

Postby paulvev  » Mon 25 Apr 11, 10:55

Comments i read yesterday throughout launch day via email, chat or on forums. I've not stated their source as some may have been said by members here, but all are genuine and were written down by me at the time:

"The colourful graphic banner on the homepage looks excellent and kind of gamey."
"I'm glad all the testing paid off. To have everything working now is great"
"I'm glad subscriptions are working. Means i don't have to go to the shop anymore."
"I've a good feeling about the slideshow. It works well"
"wow! i was surprised coming back here. YPWP have been busy"
"i like just to play a single ticket whenever i can afford to"
"I've tweeted this site, nice design" (on traffic exchange)
"the countdown made me come back to check it out"
"remembered for later, this caught my eye" (on traffic exchange)
"well designed beautiful site" (on traffic exchange)
"Great idea, and well presented" (on traffic exchange)
"This is so much better than xxxx" (the competition)
"makes a change for launch with no real problems"
"imagine how popular this is going to be in a year"
"buying tickets was very easy"

The only public negative feedback on the walls, was in the initial 10 minutes around minor display issues, all of which were fixed by admin within the first half hour of launch! Brilliant support.
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