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Service Disruption Advance Notification

Postby mikeo  » Thu 14 Mar 19, 22:30

It is with regret; On Monday 18th March 2019, gameplay and the purchase of new tickets, subscriptions and their renewals, will *temporarily be suspended for an indefinite amount of time for essential maintenance taking place on your LOTTOconnect Platform.

*temporarily - check back regularly! To allay any fears from the outset and prevent the spread of misinformation please be clear and in no doubt, You Play We Play is still trading and the remainder of our business operations will continue to function!

:arrow: What's The Impact?
During this maintenance window, you will be able to login to the website, review your Members Center and use the remainder of You Play We Play website in it's entirety.

Simply; You will not be able to purchase further UK Lotto, UK Thunderball, EuroMillions or Health Lottery Syndicate Entries until further notice.

Automated Subscription Renewals will automatically be paused, queued and only processed at the end of the maintenance period. To prevent surprise we will write to you prior to this individually by e-mail and you should check back here regularly for updates too.

:arrow: What Do I Need To Do?
By way of safeguard, you should therefore ensure any entries you wish to make for the foreseeable future, Tuesday 19th March 2019 and beyond (you can schedule your entries upto 90 days in advance) are made on or before Sunday 17th March 2019, 23:59 GMT.

Lottery Affiliates and their teams should consider suspending any “Ad Campaigns” running for the duration, specifically “Traffic Exchanges” and “Pay Per Click” banners.

With this in mind, you should therefore experience minimal disruption.

:arrow: Why Now?
BREXIT: Whatever your political persuasion, leave, remain, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, WTO and potentially scrambled, the agreed common ground between every single one of the population, is the current uncertainty experienced and to expect some form of disruption.

Like any good organisation we have exhausted every possible action to prevent disruption to your services and it is with a heavy, heavy heart, after such prolonged period proudly serving you, we are forced to take such preventative measures. The time span between now and a lingering "no-deal" on Friday 29th March 2019 will allow us sufficient time to restructure operations in any such event or possible outcome. If there was any clear indication at this moment in time, we could act accordingly, sadly there are none and time we do not have. This is our last resort and no single solution, fits all.

The uncertainty generated by this weeks round of indecisive "meaningful" votes in Parliament simply provides us zero idea of what action plan, of the many pre-prepared outcomes, we should be implementing for you and our business at this time. Temporarily suspending gameplay is the only sensible option during this period of unrest, to ensure a seamless transition and prevent any detriment.

:arrow: Opportunity, in the face of adversity!

What you can expect from us...

  • Improved Website: Our next generation platform for your enjoyment will become available (there has never been a better time to implement this), featuring...
  • NEW Lottery Games: During this down-time we are expecting to more than triple our portfolio of available games, both UK Domestic and International Lotteries.
  • NEW Payment Methods: A long anticipated "wallet" to re-use subsequent Lottery Winnings & Commissions, to make further purchases will become available alongside other methods to pay.
...amongst others!

:?: I have pre-purchased 500 entries in a promotion what about me?
Some syndicate members have entries in play as late as August 2019! There is no change, everything will continue as-is and all of your tickets will be entered and drawn as normal.

:?: My Subscription has just renewed with you, or, I have Tickets scheduled with you beyond this date, what about my forthcoming entries?
Same as above applies; Any ticket beyond Monday 18th March 2019 will be entered and drawn as normal.

:?: Are my Lottery Winnings & Commissions safe?
Absolutely! While the duration of this temporary suspension of gameplay occurs, all winnings will be distributed in accordance of our conventional quarterly Payment Cycles. Your next payment will fall due to you on 1st April 2019. All Winnings & Commissions are ring-fenced to protect your interests in a UK, National Westminster Bank PLC account.

:?: This is absurd, I don't see any of your competitors taking such action?
Find us a genuine Lottery Syndicate operating online with it's headquarters in the UK, under traditional principles of a bricks-and-mortar syndicate, as you would at home or at work with physical tickets, rather than "betting" operations where no physical tickets are ever purchased and an International member base of 175 countries! In fact, the question you should pose in reverse is, where is this competitor actually based and are they operating as you expected with real tickets from retailers, or are they off-shore and under-license as a "betting" operation!

Your assistance is required!

To prevent the spread of misinformation surrounding this announcement, your Facebook style "Members Wall" and our "Discussion Forums" are now locked, read only. If you have any queries, please contact us by raising a Support Ticket through your Dedicated Members Center.

Please exercise some restraint and an air of caution...

:arrow: Big enough to cope, small enough to care!
Our small but perfectly formed group, of maximum 10 staff at any one-time, are proud to be serving over 20,000+ regularly active users, their 280k+ entries and counting. We understand this announcement will come as a shock and with disappointment. While (with the odd exception) we have been able to serve you perfectly efficiently and effectively to date, any improper use of our Support Ticket mechanism will exacerbate our response times not only to you, but everyone. Thank you for your cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions
...will be posted below to alleviate some Support Issues. Please check back on this page regularly for updates! You may be re-directed here, if your question has been answered already below.

Thank you for supporting us and not one of the big corporate brands. We're unashamed and unapologetic of our traditional roots and core values above and beyond, we don't have some huge corporate wheel behind us making huge profits for enterprise. We rely on your loyalty, our syndicate has grown just because of people like you!

It is extremely rare for YPWP to schedule maintenance involving down-time and we appreciate that down-time is always an inconvenience, we'd like to apologise in advance and look forward to welcoming you back very soon. 8-)

On behalf of the You Play We Play team; Thank you for your patience as we strive to improve your online experience during what is for many, a difficult time.

:idea: Post-BREXIT Life Tips...

  • Don't eat yellow snow.
  • If you lose your shoe at midnight, you're not Cinderella, you're drunk!
  • Keep cake moist by eating it all in one sitting.
Kind regards,
Mike Oxford - YPWP Managing Director & Moderator (mikeo)
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